Mariner's Compass — Signature Quilt.

Signature Quilt

29" x 29"

This piece was the result of a summer challenge when I was a member of the Proper Bostonian Quilt Guild. We were given three of these fabrics and were to make a portrait or signature quilt. So this piece encompasses many of my personal themes: the fussy-cut eight pointed star in the center of a mariner's compass, the border using the card trick block (my favorite block), and echo quilting by stab quilting 1/2" from the edges of the design. Lots of people echo quilt using 1/4" masking tape, but I find that the ends of the masking tape curls up and I am forever getting my thread caught in it. So I quilt using 1/2" or 3/4" inch Scotch tape.

Photo of Signature Quilt.
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Mariner's Compass