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Quilted Bargello Vests

These bargello vests are made with eight of the wonderful cottons now available, including beautiful patterns, batiks, and those with metallic accents. They have a polyester lining and are designed to hang open in front.

The vest is offered in two styles. The Standard Vest has a bargello front that dips below the waist and is made of very narrow strips. Its back is waist length and made from one of the eight fabrics used in the bargello design. The Long Vest is hip length, has the bargello design on both the front and back, and uses wider strips.

Sizes vary from petite to extra large, as determined by bust, hip, and length measurements.

Price: $125.00 for the Standard Vest, $140.00 for the Long Vest (Price includes Massachusetts Sales Tax, when applicable.)

To place an order, complete this online ordering form, indicating styling preference and measurements. Vests are usually made within 2 to 4 weeks. You’ll be notified by telephone or e-mail when the vest is ready.

Photo of front of bargello vest.
Front of Standard Vest
Photo of back of bargello vest.
Back of Standard Vest
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Color Family

Please choose one of the following color families. Alternatively, if you prefer a very specific color family, get paint chips in that family and mail them to me.


Please indicate the following measurements, in inches:



For the Standard Vest, length should be measured from the neck to waist, down the back.  For the Long Vest, length is measured from the underarm to the hip line.


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