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Commissioned Quilts and Wall Hangings

I'm happy to do color-shift bargello commissioned pieces. The bargellos are very adaptable to any size square or rectangle. They are made in two scales: the larger scale (used in pieces such as Neptune's Realm, Gravity Well, and all the cityscapes) is $125 a square foot.
The smaller scale (used in pieces such as Seasons of My Imagination and most of the small aquariums and coves) is $175 a square foot. The aquariums are the wall hangings with just fish and water fabrics, and the coves are those that also have shell and sand fabric at the bottom. 

Mariner’s Compass and Chinese Lattice Designs also are available as commissioned works.

A deposit is required before work is started on a commissioned piece. Please contact me for details.

Ann Lainhart

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