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Color-Shift Bargello Quilts and Wall Hangings

Photo of Gravity Well

Gravity Well

24" x 56"

This color-shift bargello quilt uses 15 color families, each with 8 fabrics from light to dark, so about 120 different fabrics used.

Price: $930.00

Photo of Lakeside Cityscape.

Lakeside Cityscape

33-1/2" x 24"

This bargello quilt is part of my cityscape series.

Price: $560.00

Photo of Midlothian.


79" x 47"

This scenic color-shift bargello quilt combines my scenic bargello quilts and my cityscape quilts into a very dramatic wall-hanging.

Price: $2,580.00

Photo of Lakeside Cityscape.

Storm Clouds

27" x 24"

In this scenic color-shift bargello quilt, the sky is darkening over the mountains.

Price: $450.00

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