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Rainbow Card Trick

25" x 25"

This star is constructed as a large eight-pointed star. It is very dramatic with solid fabrics or tone-on-tone fabrics. This is an intermediate pattern. (6 pages)

Price: $8.00
Photo of Rainbow Card Trick.

Color-Shift Bargello

This unique technique of using color families and shifting from one color group to another adds a new dimension to bargello quilts. Detailed instructions describe the step-by-step method for making a simple wall-hanging using sew-and-flip piecing to attach each strip. The pattern includes color pictures of 10 additional wall-hangings and the bargello designs used to make each, laid out on a graph. (28 pages)

Price: $19.95
Photo of Color-Shift Bargello.

Sweep Bargello

A sweep is a Bargello design element which goes from narrow rectangles to wide rectangles and back to narrow ones. These wall-hangings are made using a sew and flip technique. The backing and batting are basted together to make a base. The vertical strips are then sewn on the base by sewing through all the layers at once. The quilt is therefore machine quilted as it is made and the quilting shows on the back of the quilt. When piecing is complete, the wallhanging is already quilted and simply needs to be bound to finish. These Sweep Bargello wall-hangings are made with color families of eight fabrics from light to dark. The pattern for sweep bargellos has the instructions for six different pieces, ranging in size from about 36 by 45 to 55 by 65. (15 pages)
Price: $15.00
Photo of Color-Shift Bargello.

Curved, Two-Patch Spiderweb

33" x 33"

This original design by me is pieced using Joyce Schlotzhauer’s curved two-patch method. These curves are soft enough to piece on the sewing machine. It can be finished as an octagon or a square. This is an intermediate pattern. (8 pages)

Price $9.00
Photo of Curved Two-Patch Spiderweb.

Fussy-Cutting From Border Prints

Fussy-cutting is cutting the same design in a fabric several times.  When they are sewn together they make a kaliedoscopic or mirror image design. This pattern contains basic information on fussy-cutting from a border print and the instructions and templates for all 12 blocks in this sampler. This is an intermediate pattern. 12" blocks. (44 pages)

Price: $18.95
Photo of Fussy-Cutting from Border Prints.

Strip-Pieced, Chinese Lattice Designs

43" x 43"

The Chinese have been carving these maze-like designs in wood for centuries. I have adapted them for quilting with an easy strip-pieced method suitable for all levels of quilters. The pattern includes piecing instructions for the piece shown, Garden of Happiness; and for Oriental Fern Garden. An additional seven lattice designs laid out on graph paper are also included. This is a beginning pattern. (13 pages)

Price: $12.00
Photo of Strip-Pieced, Chinese Lattice Design.

Non-Distorting Chinese Lattice

26 " x 26"

This piecing method is perfect for the beautiful large scale prints now available. It uses freezer paper to help with the accuracy of cutting and piecing. This an advanced pattern. (9 pages plus lattice pattern)

Price: $12.00
Photo of Non-Distorting Chinese Lattice.

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