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Quilted Bargello Jacket with Knit Sleeves and Collar

This blue-ribbon winning jacket design combines 7 or 8 cotton fabrics, from light to dark, in one color family. The result is a stunning bargello pattern.

The sleeves have mostly wool and a heavier batting, making the jackets warm enough for early spring and late fall.

Price: $495.00
(includes shipping and Massachusetts Sales Tax, when applicable)

To place an order, complete this online ordering form, indicating styling preferences and measurements. A $200 deposit is required, with the balance due when the jacket is ready to send. It generally takes 4 to 6 weeks to make a jacket. You’ll be notified by telephone or e-mail when the jacket is ready and the balance is due.
Photo of quilted bargello jacket.
Placing an Order
Color Family
Please choose one of the following color families. Alternatively, if you prefer a very specific color family, get paint chips in that family and mail them to me.

Sleeve and Collar
I generally knit two yarns together to make a more interesting sleeve and collar. They are primarily the main color of the jacket, but I often a use one varigated yarn to add bits of other colors that can then be picked up as accents in the fabrics I choose. So please answer the following questions to help me pick the right yarns:

Do you want a relatively smooth yarn or are some nubs or texture preferred?
Smooth       Nubby

Do you want some mohair in the yarn? (Many people find mohair too itchy.)
Include mohair      No mohair

Color Mix
Do you prefer a mix that is mostly one color or some bits of other colors?
One color      Bits of other colors

Please indicate the following measurements, in inches:

Bust Hips

Measure from underarm to wrist, or measure a jacket whose sleeve length you like.

Sleeve length

Measure from underarm to where on the hip line you want the bottom of the jacket to come. I do not recommend going longer than the hip line.

Jacket length

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